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Feel the thrill of Sailing at our teen sailing camps…

Imagine you’re Captain of the Day and about to capture the force of nature. High above you fluttering sails suddenly snap and stretch tight holding the wind behind them. Your yacht moves forward smoothly, picks up pace, and begins to lean. Sea spray slaps over the bow as you slice through warm crystal-blue water. You steer carefully and adjust your course to meet the shifting air currents. You’ve got it now – you’re actually sailing!

Sailing Camp …. No Experience Required

At Sail Caribbean teen sailing camps you’ll become a sailor fast – and no prior experience is needed. The British Virgin Islands is one of the best sailing areas in the world. Living co-ed aboard a 50 ft monohull or 42-47 ft catamaran and traveling with other boats as a fleet is a unique adventure. At home on the boat, you’ll make new friends with others your age and form a strong team. We start with the basics, teach you to the language of sailing, establish safety protocols, and introduce the concepts of boat handling, racing, navigation and seamanship. Our skilled sailing instructors are by your side. They make sure that from the very first time we leave the dock, the teen crew is in charge; one at the helm, others catching dock lines and fending.

Learn it While you Live It

Think of it as “on the job training”. You can’t say that you can tie a bowline because you read about it in a book. You’ve got to actually tie that knot to learn it. At our teen sailing camps you learn by doing. Crewmates rotate positions as captain of the day, navigator and mate. You’ll share responsibilities like cleaning and cooking too. Before long practice turns into confidence and you’ll run the boat without help from our staff. Whether you’re plotting your course, raising the sails, cooking pancakes, washing the dishes, or getting to know your shipmates, an incredible team spirit gels like magic.

Master the challenges…

Boost your sailing skills and advance through our four levels of sailing certification. Your hands-on learning experience is reinforced by the curriculum in our Book of Seamanship. Concise lessons are supported by clear and simple graphics making concepts easy to understand. Beginning with Crew Certification, you’ll gain the knowledge to be an effective crew member on board any boat. Continue learning and earn the Bosun Certification focusing on anchoring, docking, and racing techniques. Experienced sailors study topics like coastal navigation, sailing theory and engine mechanics to achieve Mate and Skipper Certifications.

Enjoying What You’ve Learned

It happens so quickly. You become confident, capable, and in control. You’re ready for Sail Caribbean’s Challenge Day and the big fleet race. The crew is adept at boat handling. You’ve learned the rules and studied racing tactics. You’re having such an amazing time with new friends putting your knowledge to practice that it really doesn’t matter who comes out ahead. Everyone wins!

Join Our Teen Sailing Camps

We’re sailing experts. We’ve taught thousands of teens to sail over the last 30 years and for many it has become a passion that lasts. Our teen sailing camps give you opportunity to take the helm, raise the sails, and voyage to new adventures. What are you waiting for? Be part of the crew this summer!